shroomz are a
collection of 10,000
unique (and
deflationary) 3D-
animated trippy
mushrooms - with
face tats - and
custom music!

shroomz are
generated from 800m possible audio-visual combinations and
retain a sleek,
clean aesthetic.

shroomz feature 6
visual traits -
shroom gradient,
tattoo, eyes,
socks, and sock

shroomz include
tunes composed by
musicians from
around the globe -
from ambient and
house to metal and
drum & bass.

shroomz are
deflationary and have
utility. soon, you will be
able to eat your shroomz to mint exclusive content
from your favorite

shroomz are stored
as ERC721 tokens
on the ethereum
blockchain and can
be downloaded in
.mp4 and .png.

shroomz will be
minted on our website for Ξ0.0420 and will be tradable on secondary markets like opensea.

shroomz will be
available for minting beginning Sept 3,
2021 at 14:00 UTC. 690
shroomz will be retained for promotions,
and team.


Phase One

pick shroomz - 10k unique shroomz will be minted and sold right here.

Phase Two

eat shroomz - burn shroomz to mint rare NFT artwork from legendary artists.

Phase Three

shroomDAO - vote on new releases from your friends at

Lysergic Labs...